IDSS Cyber Security Prediction 2018


With the new year finally upon us, it is time to prepare of new cyber security compliances and regulations. It is also time to prepare for new threats and attacks. Cyber crimes are a evolving landscape, changing with the defenses and security mechanisms.


One of the major changes for 2018 is related to the EU and GDPR compliance. Companies the United States are other areas that do business within the EU will need to comply with this standard. This is a big change from the Safe Harbor and the previous compliance standards. Contact IDSS for services to ensure your compliance.


Multi-Factor Authentication

We predict in 2018 the downward spiral of password only authentication. Two-Factor authentication will be on the upward spiral. This is not going to be focused on web-facing services. It will include internal services too. Passwords are easily cracked and social engineered. Adding the second layer of authentication will improve the security and authorization to services.


State Sponsored Cyber Attacks

We at IDSS are also predicting State Sponsored cyber attacks will increase. The global cyber war is growing and become more relevant. The usual suspects for state-sponsored attacks, North Korea, Iran, and Russia. These countries don’t have much to lose by continuing their attempts to extort, steal, spy and disrupt by infiltrating information systems. All are already heavily sanctioned, and the consequences. At least those we know about in response to state-sponsored attacks have been minimal.


IoT Attacks

Millions of connected devices have little or no defense against hackers who want to gain control of them. In fact, it’s getting easier for hackers to take over scores of internet of things (IoT) devices. All they have to do is purchase a botnet kit from the dark web and they are in business.


Automation of some threat-detection tasks will increase

Security teams wade through massive volumes of alerts and data every day to determine what is or isn’t a likely threat. That volume will increase, driven by more attacks and more attack vectors. Filtering the alert data is repetitive, tedious work, which makes it a perfect candidate to automate using software.


With all the new attacks, we at IDSS sadly predict that consumers will lose trust in online transaction and become more aware of cyber security mechanisms. We at IDSS are changing the cyber security threat alerting and predictions. Contact us to get more information.